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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my region national photographic competition entry - OFFICIAL RESULTS

The results of the My Region Photographic competition were announced this morning. At long last.

I had entered this image into the Landscape section.

There were some amazing and stunning entries and the winning Landscapes entries are just breathtaking.

Only first place was recognised for the "People's Choice" award which is the one you could vote for. THE PROMISE came second by 40 votes. So out of 2500 entries, to come in the top 10 is amazing, but to come second is just humbling.
You can see all the winning entries here.

I have really enjoyed the experience, the anticipation and all the wonderful support I've had along the way. If nothing else, the process as made me believe in myself as far as my Photography goes, to have faith to take the next step.

My landscape and macro images are now for sale. 'The Promise' and 'Summer Storm' are at the picture framers atm and will be hung in the 5 Loaves Bakery in Cummins later next month.

I'm offering photographic prints and wall canvases by demand.

You can browse these links for your convenience
west coast
east coast
flora & fauna
Kangaroo Island
dramatic landscapes
huts and ruins

I'm adding to these folders all time, so you may like to check back now and again to see what I've been up to.

Email me, katmfirth@bigpond.com, ring me for those who have my number or speak to me for your requirements.


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Kirsty said...

You are AMAZING!!!!!!!
I am putting a Tiff wall canvas on my Christmas wish list :)