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Saturday, July 9, 2011

my region national photographic competition entry - unofficial result

This is unofficial as I've not had any formal correspondence from the organisers of the My Region Photography Comp but I can tell you for sure that 'The Promise' I asked you to vote for came 2nd in the Popular Voting Section.

Out of over 2200 entries I had hopes of coming in the Top 10 with a lot of luck, but to come second in this category is just plain humbling.

 And it is all thanks to those who took the trouble to vote. It was an effort as they needed to registrar themselves, answer the email to verify that they were not a computer program capable of mass voting, and then cast their vote.

So a very very heartfelt Thank You for the 240 people who voted for it and to those who left a comment as well. Even my 84 year old Grandfather got onto his computer to vote for it. Bless him.

The image that came first had a wonderful 287 votes. Third place had 190 votes.

And also a Thank You for all the uplifting comments on Facebook, in person and for spreading the word to their friends to consider voting for 'The Promise'.

The other section of the competition is judged by a panel of 4 judges for the different categories. This was finalized last Sunday night (July 3rd) and I had hoped to have heard one way or another by now. But nothing as yet.

As soon as I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

Again, my genuine and heartfelt thanks



Jo said...

What a beautiful photo - I wish I had seen this in time to vote, I look forward to having time to catch up on more of your work, Jo

Trish.S said...

Congratulations Tiff (unofficially)!!! I was wondering how it was all going and if you had heard anything yet. It is a fabulous shot, worthy of some recognition.

amyf said...

congrats!! it was a rippa shot!