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Monday, July 11, 2011

kapinnie lake rainbow

I had a little jaunt out not far from home on Sunday night with the camera. tripod and bag in tow.

I had actually set up the tripod and camera in exactly the opposite direction to catch the sunset across a lake when a very light shower of rain came between the sun and me.

The diffused light was a beautiful golden orange colour and I wondered where was the rainbow. I always look behind me to see what's happening as well as where I have the camera set up.

My goodness, there it was and I had to make a choice in a hurry. Leave the camera where it was and capture the amazing light coming across the lake or pick up the tripod and run out into the lake (had my purple boots on!!) spin around 180 degrees and recompose to capture the rainbow with the nearly falling over fence post.

I ran into the lake!!! I missed the brightest part by only a few seconds but I am glad I caught what I did.

I've ended up deleting the rest of the shots from that night. I need to get out more to get my eye in again.

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