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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Local Images available for purchase

When you head into the 5 Loaves Bakery over the next couple of weeks, be sure to cast your eyes on their gallery wall. The Bakery has very kindly allowed me to hang 2 framed images that are for sale. I'm offering them as framed and unframed. With a bit of luck this could be the start of my next step of my photographic journey.

The images are   "The Promise"


"Wave Cloud over Marble Range"

I'm in the throes of composing the Artist Statement that will be displayed with these images at the Bakery. This involves the story behind the photograph, the price and the offer of purchasing it unframed, along with my business cards.

I've had a lot of encouragement along the way from Pete Dobre, Ann Clarke and Laura Smith to make this next step. And I thank them so very much for believing in me.


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Marelize said...

How exciting Tiff! I wish you all the best! Your work is amazing! :)