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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

National Title winner

Kym's shooting at the Clay Target Nationals in Wagga Wagga at the moment. On Monday I received a photo on my phone.

Team SA won the Open Down the Line Shoulder to Shoulder National Comp. Meaning SA won against all the other states that competed. So Kym and 4 other shooters (male and female) won themselves a National Medal and are the reigning champs for a year. Gooooooo SA.

The doll is Bob. Annie gave her to Kym years ago to look after Kym when he goes away on his trips. Bob goes on holidays with us (here) and (here) and has become the SA team Mascot at the last Nationals Kym went to. (here)

So right now Kym is the King.

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Alanna said...

Well done Kym! What an achievement! Go SA! :)