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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tumby Views

I've had a really big confidence kick today.......!!!

Tumby Views is the new glossy tourism magazine that was launched at the EP Famers and Fishers Market in Tumby Bay.  I've had the absolute pleasure supplying images for this publication to showcase an area that is near and dear to my heart. Kym and I want to retire to Tumby one day, so to be asked to supply images for it was fantastic.

The cover shot is not my photography, but I wanted to add it for visual reference.

Page 4 in Tumby Views. Photographed January 2011

Page 5 in Tumby Views. Photographed January and June 2011
note the BW image is not mine.

Page 13 in Tumby Views. Photographed in January 2011

Page 16 in Tumby Views. Photographed in July 2011

Page 23 in Tumby Views. Photographed January 2011

My testimonial on Page 24 in Tumby Views. Photographs taken throught 2011.

 Page 43 in Tumby Views. Second image shot for Modra Apartment advertising. January 2011

The entire magazine can be read online here

To support the launch of the magazine is the www launch of www.tumby.com.au 
There are 14 of my images on the website.... see if you can find them all.


Janice Nicholls said...

Congrats Tiff, well done. :) xx

SueP said...

Congrats Tiff!! Great shots! Will be keeping my eye out for this brochure!