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Friday, March 9, 2012

sports day 9.3.12

Sean had is first ever Sports Day today and it was great to see the junior primary kids be involved with the rest of the school for a combined Sports Day. I had to explain to both him and Annie, that seeing as Sean's group finishes about 11am I would focus the camera on him, and then turn to her afterwards. That seemed to work well and they both were happy with that.

I arrived at the oval after my fitness class this morning  (had a PT session instead seeing that I was the only one there lol), and the day was already warming up.

Sean's been away from school for 2.5 days this week and I did wonder how much practise for today he missed out on. Near the end of his session he spat the dummy and sat out for two events. I think he was just hot, bothered and not sure of what those event were about. I couldn't coax him back into it until the whole JP group did their dances. He loves to dance and he jumped right back in. Little bugger.

Annie really enjoyed her day and I loved seeing her participate and give everything a shot. The school really promotes participation as the focus, rather than winning, which is terrific for the not so competitive kids.

I've only posted just a few pics here, there's quite a few more in the Sport's Day album on my wall on Facebook.

Some of the shots will be in the local paper and in the School Magazine.  :O)

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