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Monday, March 19, 2012

Read Mob from the Air

I had the absolute privilege to be asked to shoot stills for the Cummins Read Mob from an aircraft today. The Read Mob was a State Wide event held today at 12pm to 'Freeze and Read' for 5 minutes. To make the Cummins different from the norm, I was to photograph the students and community members from above.

Having the door off was a bonus and something I've not experienced before. You can be damn sure the pilot and I fussed A LOT with my seatbelt to make sure I was locked down tight.

We made three passes overhead, each one progressively lower.  I've popped this shot on here to give you an idea of what it looked like from my point of view. Its also a far away shot of the students for the sake of privacy. The flower shape is the emblem of the 2012 Year of Reading.

As soon as I was down on the ground, I was in the Library working the shots to get them ready for the school newsletter, the library newsletter, the library big screen and the library facebook site. And I am so THRILLED with all the feedback I've heard and received.  That really makes all so very worthwhile when everyone is excited by it.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. What a great original idea and one that sets Cummins apart from everyone else. Well done. Michelle

Kylie S :) said...

There's me ... there's me !!! haha (I was sitting on one of the petals with your 'Master S' and my Master H ;)
It looks really effective Tiff, well done on hanging out that door, holding on for dear life (well, the seatbelt was obviously holding onto you well !!). The kids were all amazed that there was no door on the plane.
I wondered how you were going trying to get a shot when the plane was waving back at us (rocking side to side waving his wings) ... :) Good job !

Kylie S :) said...
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Kylie S :) said...

Sorry if my comment comes up twice Tiff ! I thought I'd lost it the first time, but then I read the fine print and saw that the msgs get 'approved by the blog owner' before becoming visible ... just 'ding' one off if ya like ! Kylie :)