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Friday, January 2, 2015

tumby bay 2015 day 1

It was a stinker hot day at home. According to BOM is was 43.9 degrees.  When we came over the hill it was a sedate 37.

Once I had the eski unpacked we high tailed it to the beach. The bags and boxes that still needed to be sorted out could wait.

The kids and I picked up Paige with her little Golden Retriever on our way there. All I wanted to do was sit under the shade of the jetty, with the deck chairs in the water and the waves lapping around our legs.

And it was perfect.

Paige is 8 months pregnant and really feeling the heat, so sitting under the jetty was just heaven on a stick for her.  Love that girl to bits.

The boys met us there later and we had a leisurely fish and chips tea under the jetty on the picnic rug. It was the perfect way to start our Tumby time away.

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