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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

tumby bay 2015 day 6

Wednesday was hot. But no where near as hot as home and not as hot as Coffins.  The kids went on the bus to Family Mission ...

and I went to The Ritz with friends for a morning coffee..... (ice coffee for me)

A long leisurely morning was just lovely as The Ritz was lovely and cool. I picked the kids up from Mission rather than them sweat it out on the bus, and we headed to the Library to select some books. A quick lunch and out at the beach for Surf&Survive.

With a beach like this on the front door step, why would anyone head to Coffins has me stuffed. 

While the Eastern Horizon was blue skies and puffy clouds, the western sky was much different as the promised storm front started to assert itself in the sky during Surf&Survive. The lightning became quite threatening and the swim lessons were cancelled for the rest of the day.

Then the storm really hit. The wind caused two stobie poles to fall onto the road near the Tumby Silos, so the power was out for a number of hours. Fortunately there was a crew in Tumby who were literally on the job in seconds after it happened as they happened to be right there when the poles came down.  Power was lost in many areas on Lower Eyre Peninsula due to so many lightning hits. In some areas it was out for up to two days. And it was humid. So with no way to move the air around it got very sticky quickly.

With all the rain that belted down, it just invited a little bit of fun in the puddles.

And this was the swollen skies just before golden hour. It was amazing to see in Summer. It was very Darwin like weather.

A friend and I were going to head out kyaking while the water was like glass, but the lightning returned so we ended up sitting on a deck sipping wine with this as our view.

It was a lovely spontaneous evening spent in great company.

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