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Sunday, January 4, 2015

tumby bay 2015 day 3

Caught up with a friend who I normally only see once a year when she's here in Tumby. Good to touch base with Soph again.

Kym and Annie headed off shooting today while Sean and I went round to Paige's to walk her golden retriever puppy 'Diesel'.  We walked down the beach via the yacht club to watch the yachts come in. Today was the last of the Nationals comps.  It's been a huge week for both Tumby and Lincoln clubs hosting Australia's yachting fraternity. 

Diesel hasn't been in the water before and the sea was lapping gently this morning. With only a little coaxing he was in, and soon up to his belly.  

When Sean and I got back to the apartment, he had some quiet time as he's had a number of late nights and was getting a bit of attitude due to being overtired. And with Mission and Surf&Survive starting tomorrow he needs to be in a better frame of mind.

Later in the arvo Paige came with us down the beach to get Diesel in the water so she could watch him for herself.  I had the Canon out mucking around, Sean had the GoPro and we both used the iPhone to record as well. (I haven't got round to post production on the RAW files from the canon yet) so this one from the iphone will have to do. He sure is her golden hair boy.

 And a quick shot of our colourful summer footwear.  I've brought nothing but thongs to wear while we are away. Gotta love summer at the beach.

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