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Saturday, January 17, 2015


So yesterday was pretty special for me. And very special for Paige and Dion. Paige is a significant member of our family. She's my other kid. And my kids older sister.

Backstory.... Paige came and lived with us as a boarder back when she was doing Year 11 and 12 so she could do the subjects needed to get into Nursing at Uni. She's now an RN and a registered Midwife. She was with us just after Sean was born and she just fitted us as a family like a hand in a glove. She still does.

So when her husband Dion asked to take my camera to get a photo of Paige and I yesterday, I jumped at it.  When he showed me what he had captured, I cried. Just silent tears, but so very emotional tears.

Dion is the most wonderful husband and I'm sure he'll be the most awesome Dad for their baby, who will be here when its ready.

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