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Monday, January 5, 2015

tumby bay 2015 day 4

The kids started Family Mission this morning. After taking them in and sorting out registration, I headed with a couple of lovely ladies for a coffee at The Ritz.  They had a coffee, I had my ice coffee of course lol.....

With the Modra Apartments closing down after this summer season and reinventing itself as a totally new Retirement Village, complete with new apartments, I confirmed our next years holiday accommodation at a different location. Unfortunately I can only book one year ahead at a time, so I can't have the reassurance that we our Tumby Holiday from year to year. But I am thankful that I have 2016 in the bag.

By the time the kids were dropped back from the bus, we had time for lunch and a change into togs for the start of Surf&Survive Vac Swim. But.......I stuffed up.  I misread Sean's start time on the roster so we arrived too late for him to join his group. Annie's class was in the following timeslot so she was fine. Fortunately there was another class of his level later that arvo so he was able to join in that one and do a catchup. He's back to his original timeslot tomorrow. I now have the correct times written in very large numbers and stuck to the fridge.  ;-)

While Sean was in his later class, Annie and I walked Diesel on the beach. He's still getting used to the moment of the waves which were a bit more energetic than yesterday. When we arrived back on the lawns where the Surf&Survive is staged from, Diesel was the object of much affection by quite a few kids and adults. He handled it well.

Kym was out fishing at daybreak this morning and came home with plenty of fish for the smoker box and to feed the family. He so does enjoy the hunter/gather role when he's fishing. And its rather nice for me to step back from the kitchen and let him go for it.

We've started our third Harry Potter movie as part of our Movie Marathon. We've watched the movies many times, but not with all of us watching it together.

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