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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What have we been up to for school holidays.

Pyjama mornings, movies at the theater, fishing, visiting, late nights, Yallunda Flat Show, Kym's 2 day shoot at his Ungarra Club, and a night out shooting for me.

I headed down to Fisheries with a couple of local camera buffs in tow to catch up with some of the crew from the Camera Club.

Late afternoon was a delight down there.

I had two agendas in mind. The full moon rising across the wet sand...... nearly had a complete staircase to the moon......

 .... and those elusive light orbs that tend to only come out under the full moon ... I found this one tucked in close to Right Point cliffs....

... and then angry pumpkin fireballs let rip. They were sensational to capture.

my fave

Was worth the wet socks, (2 pairs of them), wet jeans and being in the water till 10pm!!!  A whole lot of laughing to be had. Loved it.

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