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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Glen Forest Tourist Park

Amy and I took our kids to the Glen Forest Tourist Park today. It was a warm today but the gentle breeze really took the edge off the unseasonably warm day. Annie and Sean really wanted to play Putt Putt and my goal was to photograph the albino white joey Kangaroo.

With bags of seed in hand the kids first went to the aviary and took a bit of shine to the Rainbow Lorikeets.  

 A gentle pat and play with the roos was next on the agenda so I was able to capture what I was after. He's very cute. He had his eyes shut most of the time when he was in the sun and I'm wondering if he finds it too bright for his lack of pigmentation, including his eyes.

Then the tournament was on!!!!!  Needless to say that no course records were broken, but a whole lot of fun was had.

The stallion Donkey was a bit of a fave for Sean. The donkey was such a schmoooo and really loved a cuddle and company.

The obligatory tourist photo... she had to jump to get her head in the hole. ;o)

And this little fella was a bit of heart stealer. And Mum was VERY relaxed about her little joey being out and about with us. I do have this amazingly cute photo of Little G and the joey, but I won't show it as I haven't asked permission too.

It's an awesome place there with bundles of little baby animals atm....... such a treat.


amyf said...

was a good day :)

Kathryn D said...

This has to be one of my kids favourite places to visit. It's a great day out.