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Saturday, October 20, 2012

ra'na dance concert

last night was the Ra'Na Dance Concert that the kids had been working towards all year.

I'm damn sure I was never meant to be a hairdresser as I wrestled with Annie's hair into a high ponytail. Something so damn simple can be so damn frustrating!! And as I disagree with young girls wearing makeup, the compulsory blue eye shadow and red lipstick was only done lightly. Sean on the other hand was a piece of cake to get ready. A bit of Hair Wax in those golden locks and he was done!!

obligatory pre concert shot  ;-)

He smiled all night. He was so confident on the stage, and, well, I think he shined. (Being his Mum I can say that)  (image posted with permission)

busting a move

Loved her hair and the way it moved...... BIG time!!

lots of poise and confidence   (other dancers intentionally blurred)

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Anonymous said...

so agree with the make up. i think it looks shocking