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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


one of the LO's I am most proud of that came together on the retreat last weekend.
journaling says

Paige. You are so near and dear to our hearts. Annie and Sean love you, trust you and take enormous delight in you.
I love you, trust you, respect you and take enormous delight in you too.
You are my assurance of their future. If Kym and I believed in Godparents we would wish you so much to be their God Mother. If something ever happened to us, we know you would be there for them. But with that comes great responsibility. And we do not want to burden you with that when you are just setting out in your own life.
I know you will always be here for them. You have told me that yourself. And that gives me peace.
Your own family is special to me for the trust they showed in my family when you stayed with us in 2007. That year will always be a specially fond memory for me. And for the kids too.
With you, our family is 5.Always and forever.Tiff xXx
love ya Paige.


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