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Friday, March 20, 2009

they say the darndest things.

Found this on Kim's blog and thought it a great chance to find out what Annie thinks of me.
(Also a scrap idea for a LO)
copy and paste the list. write out their answers word for word. It's so worth it.
Annie - 6 and a half
1. What is something mum always says to you? I love you
2. What makes mum happy? When I say happy thanks to her.
3. What makes mum sad? When she says goodbye.
4. How does your mum make you laugh? Tickles me
5. What was your mum like as a child? Beautiful (awwwwwwww)
6. How old is your mum? I dont know, how old are you? Please, tell me!!
7. How tall is your mum? nearly as big as Dad.
8. What is your mum's favourite thing to do? taking photos and scrapbooking. (she's spot on)
9. What does your mum do when you're not around? Does jobs.
10. If your mum becomes famous, what will it be for? Because she learns everything. (ROFL)
11. What is your mum really good at? Scrapbooking
12. What is your mum not very good at? Cooking.
13. What does your mum do for her job? Keeps the house safe
14. What is your mum's favourite food? Avacado and chilli sauce
15. What makes you proud of your mum? Cause she's my hero. (another awwwwwww)
16. If your mum was a cartoon character, who would she be? Stella the Skunk from Over the Hedge because you sound like her. I reckon that's pretty cool as Stella is one sassy chick who walks the walk and talks the talk. Straight shooter. ;)

17. What do you and your mum do together? We help each other
18. How are you and your mum the same? Because we do scrapbooking together.
19. How are you and your mum different? Because we have different colour hairs.
20. How do you know when your mum loves you? Cause she loves me very much
21. Where is your mum's favourite place to go? Home.


nuttyscrapper said...

LOL love the Stella comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, we share more in common, my husband cooks all our meals (I do kids) because I am not passionate about it and avocado and chilli sauce are 2 of my fav foods and I have had them together beforem however my fav is straight salt and vinegar on mine. I love your daughters comments that mum's job is to "keep the house safe" and not that you have different coloured hair but "hairs" too cute, Tiff other :o)

Anonymous said...

aww Tiff, such cute coments. I might try this with Kaitlyn, although i think she is a bit young to understand them all properly! Will see.