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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Maryanne. Thanks for reminding me.

With all the madness of Retreat planning, family and life in general I forgot to post these pics of the 'knock their socks off' LBD. If u have no idea what I am on about have a look here. Scroll down a bit and you'll see what I'm on about.

ta da.

hamming it up before the camera. Thanks Paige for the shots. ;)


maryanne r said...

LOL tiff
you floozie!!!LOL [the boobie shot]
you know the saying" you can dress them up......"
seriously you look amazing.

maryanne r said...

ps. the puppies are so bloody adorable,[ not your puppies, the actual dog puppies].[lol].

Anonymous said...

ROFL tiff... you were looking so gorgeous until i scrolled down to the nest photo..PMSL!! Seriously you are looking fab!!

sandra said...

weet woo
(lol supposed to be a wolfwhistle... ended up sounding like a owl with a mouthful of weetbix!)
anyways... you look stunning Tiff.
lol at that second photo...
always knew you were a floozy at heart!
and rofl Maryanne at your puppies comment.