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Monday, March 30, 2009

your autograph

have been on a bit of a scrapping roll of late.

Spring cleaning this morning. Started off as a hunt for a mouse that was a bit on the nose. After stripping all the beds and turning the mattresses over while I was at it, I found it. Hidden behind the bed leg on the floor. bye bye mousee.

wash wash wash. beautiful day out there even tho I didn't see much of it.

went into town to give J a start on Photo shop *waves*

Had a phone call from Kym in Roma QLD. SA came 2nd in the National Clay Target Shooting Titles for the team event today. yay for him. I am so very proud of him getting into the team but pulling a team 2nd (Victoria came 1st) is fantastic. And to top it off the SA Veterans won, the SA ladies won and the SA juniors came 4th. Big day for SA.

A fantastic young chap (all of 17yrs) from Kimba came 2nd in the National Title for Point Score. This is out of some 800 shooters. And he is a junior to boot but kicked Senior ass. Go B. So proud of you. You are really in the zone mate. Keep the concentration focused. Its a long week ahead yet.

anyway LO 2 of Project 7 (7 in 7 days)


maryanne r said...

wowsers tiff, you are on a roll!!!!!!just powering along. Love the blue and pink together, that blue is just so eyecatching and vibrant.what a great idea, a lo without her actual photo on it but something memorable.I have been thinking of doing some of these, of the kids daily writing etc, from early days at school and some of their drawings, but oh my gosh, with nick doing year 12, I have 12 years of books to go through, then brads 10 years, jacko 6......oh no....

nuttyscrapper said...

Oh very cute love it the, pink and blue looks awesome together.

sandra said...

Fantastic idea!
I'm with Maryanne... should of started earlier...
love the blue too.

Anonymous said...

fabbo idea Tiff - what a grreat way to record her handwriting and lets face it - we all used to practise our signatures when little. lovin the blue & pink
jane P