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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no news

nothing to blog about really. Havent scrapped today. Had school canteen, followed by an education in Apple Mac computers followed by Annie's gym, followed by tea, followed by a search for a fowl smelling dead mouse in behind the pantry, followd by LO paperwork for mags, followed by office furniture rearrange. So have been on the 'puter for a bit to make sure I plugged everything back in right.

so far so good.

scrapchat day tomorrow. I bet Sean doesnt sleep in his swag again. Scrap nite at Shabby Chic Shack this Friday nite. wahu. cant wait for that one.

oh and Kym leaves tomorrow for 2 or 3 weeks for his National Titles comp for clay target shooting. So I will be living the life of a single mother for a bit.

tbh I love it when Kym is away, and I love it when he comes home. Keeps things fresh iykwim???? ;)


Anonymous said...

i am so envious of your scrap days/nights.. i have noone to scrap with :(

loving your LO's, how funny is annie, and the diamond one is very effective!

keep up the great work sweet!

maryanne r said...

hi tiff.
congrats on the acceptance for annies "point of view".i loved that page, so cute.well done.
which mag?

Anonymous said...

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