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Monday, March 9, 2009

little brown babies x 6


these little boys and girls are soooo cute. Very hard not to pop one into the camera bag to come with me.

Thanks S for the play with them.

And of course I had to add the Sorbent toilet roll. LOL

Totally fab day today. Had the arvo off. Had a BBQ at a great friends home, ran amok with all the kids and finally, drum roll please, Annie is off trainer wheels.

This has been an ongoing bug bear of mine for quite some time, so I had a fair lump in my throat to see her ride free. And no major stacks either.

While I was feeling invincible (hic hic) I unloaded a tandem trailer of bark chips for the garden tonight. Totally unplanned, but hey, you get that.

Had a trip to North Shields on Saturday to check the site for the Retreat and to iron out some wrinkles. While there I had to climb up the inside wall of the shed a few times to try a few things out. Felt a bit like Superwoman. (Those abseiling days were a long time ago, but I remembered a couple of tips).

Only 4 sleeps to go.
Cant bloody wait.



sandra said...

Tiff you have found my weakness.... I just love labradors.
and these are so so so so so so
(note 6 times) CUTE
I want one!!!! or maybe 6 lol!

off those training wheels!
well done...
but wheres the pics mum?

I am pretty excited about going to the retreat.. bit of a hiccup early in the week but it looks like its full steam ahead.
(thanks chook)

Sonia said...

aww they are adorable!!! love the toilet roll! gorgeous photography!!