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Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas at black point 2008 (annie's)

It's official.

I am now exactly 2 years behind with my scrapping lol.

I've just quickly done a LO for Annie today of Xmas at Black Point which was back in 2008. Very plain and very unembellished. The main focus is the photos and the story that goes with them.

Now to do Sean's. I could do exactly the same, but I think I have another idea brewing for his set of photos.

Does it worry me that I'm behind with my scrapping timeline???

Nup. Not one bit. I will never run out of photos to scrap as I try to have a bunch processed and printed ready to go in my photobox or in my in works album. I usually have a few already matched up to papers so I can do the next one, (I scrap in date order) or jump ahead to another one in my in works album that grabs my fancy or an online challenge or whatever.

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas full of family, friends, fun and laughter.

We did.

This is another of what I call a double double. 4 papers 12x12. Its the only way I can fit on everything that's important for the occasion.

1 comment:

janice said...

looks great Tiff...
you are amazing at doing these double doubles!!!!! :) xx