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Monday, December 6, 2010

FC @ Kindy

Life has just been mad lately. What with the very unseasonal rain which is just disastrous for cereal and legume croppers. Believe me, it's making the farming fellas sooo not happy. I'm a bit lucky with Kym. He looks for a positive spin on most things and I'm the worrier, the fretter and the reality checker!!!

I had a huge weekend with the 'End of an Era' - Karkoo celebrations. I was asked to shoot the school concert on Friday night and the day on Saturday. And Saturday was putrid indeed. 40 degrees C, North winds and just plain horrible to be out in. It was also the first blast of Summer and we haven't any heat whatsoever leading up to then, so it felt just hotter than it was.

I had previously arranged to set up inside the library to have some control on lighting. The aircon really struggled towards the end with over 120 people coming in for their class reunion shoot.

Everyone was so wonderful and helpful considering the conditions. My hat goes off to the committee who put in sooo much work and had all the little details down pat. For example, a lady who was in the 1925 class mentioned about having raspberry cordial when she was little as school and how one of the committee members gave her a glass of it during the celebration lunch on Saturday. Its just such a pity that the weather wasn't more pleasant for the people who travelled such a long way and for the tireless committee.

I'm not able to show any of those pics but they are for sale on the Memorabilia photo disc that people ordered over the weekend. This disc will also have the concert, the dinner (photos by Elise Moroney), the displays, and the class reunion photos.

All the processing is done and the class reunion photos with all the names of everyone are just waiting final approval.

I've a photoshoot tomorrow, one on Wednesday, and 3 next week and that's it until Feb. As well as all the mad Christmas festiveness, get togethers,the Traders night, the Footy club Christmas tree, the odd birthday here and there, and hopefully a harvest that will be in full swing, time will fly.

This year was to be our Firth family Christmas with Kym's family at Blackpoint. We wont be done with harvest by then, so we'll be staying put or visiting my brother who lives a bit closer than Blacky. This is only the 2nd time in Kym's and my's 13 years of being together that harvest wont be finished by Christmas.


Father Christmas did swing by the Kindy today for their last day. He was going to be arriving in an open top red vintage car but seeing as it was raining so steadily, this was canned last minute and Kym drove in the Jolly Fella in the Fire Truck.

The kids loved him. Sean being the clown that he is tried to keep his serious face but FC wouldn't have that.

I haven't scrapped since my last LO was picked up, but I have been asked to write an article for Scrapbooking Memories which will appear mid 2011. Just need to get started on that one lol. So other than looking longingly at the tubs that have my stash, I just haven't had a moment to get into it. Once everything settles photo wise after next week and the processing for them, I should be able to get into it a bit before we head away for our annual holiday.

roll on harvest!!!!!!!!!!!

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