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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tracks and trains

I had a bit of a scrounge in Sandra's wallpaper stash and we found this little textured gem. Perfect colour. And yes, that really is a piece of track. And yes it is from a set of Sean's. But don't fret, most of the wheels from this train and its carriages from this particular plastic set have broken off, so the track isn't used anymore. Really truly!!

A bit of a back story with this IKEA train set. I live 8 hours away from the nearest IKEA which didn't accept telephone orders at all or online orders under a certain $$$ amount at that time. And they only had 1 of the 4 sets available. Alas, what is a girl to do. I vented my woe when I was involved with the EB scrapping forum.back then. One of the 'chooks' very very kindly offered to get all 4 sets from the IKEA near her home in Sydney and then post them over to me. I was stunned and grateful to say the least, that someone that I only knew very slightly online would offer their help. I emailed her the top pic to show her that the train and tracks were in good use. 


janice said...

the paper is perfect Tiff.
you are on a bit of a roll with your scrapping at the moment..... good to see!!!!

sandra said...

love the texture of the wallpaper..works perfectly!!
great to see some layouts on your blog again Tiff.

SueP said...

Great idea with the track there!! Yeah- great to see some scrapping from you!!