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Thursday, December 9, 2010

christmas wonderland

There is a small number of special people who created our local Christmas Wonderland. They constructed it for the first time last year and this year is even bigger and better. So much to see. I'm going back again with my kids next time (lol. it was just me this time). Lots of interactive displays, trains whizzing on their tracks, tunes playing and a couple of very jolly fellows singing out HO HO HO.

I've used no flash to retain the ambient lighting which looks sooo much better in these shots.

Prepare for a few, small,  a smorgasbord of images.

my fave

the entrance

what greets you when you walk in over the bridge

the deer move and he HO HO HO's

 HO HO no 1.

 one of the train sets.


 Thomas the train

 where the kids visit Father Christmas

 HO HO no 2. he gyrates a lot.

 the Aussie outback Christmas complete with Red Back Spider

 there's a bubble machine with this display

The fairy garden. Each one is individual and all are hand made.

If you get the chance, you really should go in there. And drop a gold coin donation in the chimney of the house at the beginning of the bridge!!


SueP said...

looks just wonderful, great shots of it too Tiff! Must mention to Rach to bring boys up for a looksie!!

Gina B said...

looks great where is it Tiff?