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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas candles

Google Images you are my best friend!!!

I looked at both Vintage and Retro Christmas Images and decided that Retro just looked a bit tacky for the spirit of Christmas.

I had a bit of frustration with printing. I have an A3 printer and trying to be clever was my undoing. I wanted to feed thru A3 size tissue paper (adhered to A3 paper) to print a lot of images in one go. Believe me, to save you angst, print A4. The smaller paper supports the tissue paper just enough to get it thru the printer, whereas the A3  tissues size needs more support than being stuck down on just the edges.

I'm happy with the result, but next time, I'll chose lighter images. The darker, heavier ones are just too intense to see the details.

tutorial here

I used Baking Paper to wrap the candle to hold it and to add pressure for the image to adhere to the wax. And I used scrap tissue paper to wipe over the wax to polish it after heating. Worked beautifully.

Not to worry. There's always next year, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc.



SueP said...

Wow Tiff these are gorgeous, i love your images that you found!! I was going to try these this year!!

Have a great Christmas!

Gina B said...

I LOVE these Tiff. Looks like all the trouble was really worth it. Well Done!!!