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Sunday, June 19, 2011


After Annie finished her game of Netball at Tumby yesterday, Kym brought the kids home (we took 2 vehicles) and I headed down to Scrapworkz in Lincoln for the 2 to 2 Scrapathon. Kym and the kids left Tumby just in time as it started to rain. It would have been miserable to stay at Footy yesterday, esp in the fact that the boys games were all delayed so the A grade could have a night match. Would have been bloody cold and miserable indeed.

Anyway, talk about laugh till my sides split. I sat with Irene and across from Katherine and Sonia and had a ball. I can show you a couple of things that I've done, and a sneak peek of another  (wink)

All 20 odd of us were given a bag of goodies to produce an ATC (Artist Trading Card), with a twist. Instead of the normal playing card size, we opted for the 6x4 sizeto have a bit more room to play with. When they were done, each card had a number and we drew numbers out of a hat and were given the card with that same number. I have a sweet one from June.

This is what I made (and thanks to Anita for letting use her camera and popping it on my laptop.)

The texture for the wings came from my tutorial when I had a guest DT spot at Twiddleybitz last year. I used texture paste and micro beads to give the chipboard 'body'. The blooms are on little jewellery tags and the stems are the strings from those tags. I gave it a mist of purple to give it my 'signature' colour.

By the time I was nearly home I was very nearly out of diesel. I knew it would be close, but I think, according to the little info LCD on the dash, only having enough fuel for 2 more kms was cutting it a bit too close. As soon as I was home I was filling up the Hilux last night at 3am  ***insert roll eyes***

I post another LO tomorrow to space them out a bit.



SueP said...

We went to the footy after i finished work...got there 5pm and it was surprisingly nice...no wind and no rain...but difficult to see the football match!!

Wished i had known about the scrapathon...had heard a whisper but that was all...sounds like a darn good night....and the ATC would ave been good fun!

Lucky you got home!!

miasmummy said...

Yes, very lucky you got home. I too heard about the scrapathon.. But hubby is at home at the moment so didn't persue it. Sounds like a fun day/night!! x

:) Tiff said...

Sue. you need to get onto the Scrapworkz email list!!!! glad to hear the footy wasn't just plain bloody cold. was wet in Lincoln.

Kathryn D said...

Hiya, it was a fun day & night :) Hope Leonie is planning more of these. Have a good week!