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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOR SALE. Canon zoom lens EF 70-300mm 1:4 - 5.6 IS USM lens

I've upgraded to a 75-300L lens so this 75-300IS is for sale

It comes with the original packaging, a lens hood, a 55mm UV filter, and a lens cap lanyard.

It's a great lens!  Light-weight, compact.  Fast, ultrasonic micro-motor autofocus.  Very effective image stabilisation (normal and panning modes).  Reasonably wide aperture.  Finally, and surprisingly good image quality, much better than expected for a relatively cheap zoom lens.

The lens reviewers PhotoZone said, "So, in terms of optical quality, the EF 70-300mm IS can be almost described as a hidden Canon L lens."  

The 35mm equivalent zoom range is approximately 100 - 450mm.  Quite a range!  A good complement to the 17-85 or 18-55 kit lenses.

Great for taking head and shoulder or full-face portraits at the shorter end of the range, with nice background blur.  Image stabilisation is very good and helps a lot when hand-held.

This lens is still in mint condition now because it was only used occasionally.  I mostly ended up using if for long-range snapshots, school assemblies, sports days and the occasional landscape. It's always been stored in a dry area. It's never been dropped and lovingly kept clean. Has been professionally cleaned once.

Note that this lens is designed to work on both APS-C and full-frame EF mount Canon cameras.  On full-frame cameras it is a very effective general purpose portrait lens.

If you want more reach than the kit lens provides with your 450-600D, 7D, 60D etc, this is a great way to go!

Leave me a comment with how I can contact you for more details.

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