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Saturday, June 11, 2011

once upon a time

Loosely based on  Lisa Pate's digi LO 'ready' in CK Vol 16. Iss 4. Pg 38.

Been scrappin'  it for Scrap Therapy. More of this months MAN of the month which is Echo Park Paper Co. I just cant seem to get enough of this product.
The grid paper is Sweet Summertime Journal Paper Card. The different papers making up the 'patchwork' are Summer Days - Clouds (clouds and the stripe papers.) Playground - Capture the Flag (cross hatch paper). Wintertime - Blizzard Blue/Icicle Blue (light mint paper) Little Girl Gingham Gaby Paper (the mint dotty paper and the pink accent paper with the ribbon slide on it.) Summer Days Epoxy Brads and Chipboard Accents.

I've finished another LO which I'll post later, but all I have left of Echo Park is a few scraps. I'm determined to get at least one more LO done with them.

Had a lovely, lazy, social lunch, afternoon & evening celebrating a mate's 40th. I think there would have been somewhere around 30 adults and as many kids all at his home. The kids all got on so amazingly well. Not one proper argument, not one drop of blood spilt (amazing I thought considering the amount of activity) and from all ages. I am pretty impressed!!

We've gained a little boy for a sleep over and lost Annie to one of her friend's home for an impromptu sleepover. Got to love that things like this can happen without any planning. We've always got spare toothbrushes and PJ's.

I'm hoping to scrap a bit tomorrow before I head off for a shed inspection with a basket of hot scones, homemade jam and thickened cream to warm up the fellas. All volunteering to dismantle and relocate a shed out to the ''Flat' showgrounds for the shearing shed grandstand (I think)

keep warm.
t xx

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