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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

well then...

.... don't things change in an instant.

Sean has redevolped his cold and is worse this time round. So much so that his asthma has reared its ugly head. He and I battled it last night for most of the night. We both slept from around 5.30am onwards. He slept until midday and we are flat out on the Neb again.

So in light of that I didn't head up to Lock for lunch or shopping. I still may get there on Friday Scrap night depending on how Sean goes.

He's booked into seeing the Doc late this afternoon, but I don't think we can wait that long. I've packed our bags for a hospital stay as I'm fairly certain we'll be staying for a bit.

Poor little tyke. He puts on such a brave face and all I can say is, 'thank you to the person who invented the DS'.

Without that he would be climbing the walls being so revved up on all the ventolin that's being pumped into him.

will keep posted.


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amyf said...

hope the poor little guy feels better soon. xoxo