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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

braces - 17 weeks

It's just on 17 weeks since Annie had her brace placed on her top teeth.

She had an adjustment last week and we now on the home stretch. All the teeth are straight and now its a matter of closing the gaps. So she has a different type of rubbers on her teeth. This one is called a chain rubber. Its one long one that is looped onto each bracket and it designed to move the teeth to close gaps. The rubbers she had before were individual ones on the individual brackets.

After this round of adjustment I thought her teeth would be aching a lot since they're all moving, but not so. The first day they did a bit, not a lot she tells me, but other than that there's been no issue at all. Not even ulcers from the ends of the wire.

She's one tough cookie.  ;o)

Week 1

Week 17

I shudder looking at her first shot now. It's amazing what you get used to, and just don't see any more, until you get a chance to compare.

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Anonymous said...

OMG tiff that is a huge difference. I got the quote today for Selenia's teeth. she has to the have the head gear first for four to six months then the braces. I just about fell over when they said the price. Leah has to have them next year too, but they told me when i make payments they will do them in different months. Aren't they kind (not).
cheers Toni