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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

great ocean road 21.2.12

5.15am alarm this morning. Extra 15 minutes to sleep. Wahu!!! 

We headed to the 12 Apostles for dawn. The cloud prevented the actual dawn light, but the new morning light was lovely.

We headed back to Port Campbell to pick up "The Grownups" (Pete's name for our two senior ladies) who have chosen not come out for the dawn shoots, and head out for breakfast. We have found this one little place that makes great hot breakfasts and brings them out fast. There's 8 of us having a hot cooked breakfast and we are all served inside 10 mins. I'll try to remember the name of the place tomorrow.

From breakfast we are on the road to Sentinel Rock.

Close by is the first of 3 cliff top trails to view the Baker's Oven. 

We spent a bit of time at the Bakers Oven before heading to Australia.

This rock is pretty spectacular this time of year and I really wanted to try my hand at time lapse photography. I set up my main camera on tripod with the shutter being automatically tripped by remote every 4 seconds. After 2 and half hours to capture the late afternoon light and the last light of the day when Australia is at its best, I had 16GB of images on the card, some 1183 jpeg files to make a movie from. And with the wonderful help from Dave, he showed me how to put one together. I owe a lot to him, he's my tech guru!!

While the 5D MkII was on tripod, I used the 50D to take my stills of this area. We really were blessed with amazing skies, fantastic light and really enjoyed the company I was with.

This area of the Great Ocean Road around Port Campbell is the most spectacular with light at this time of year.   

I'm in the throes of uploading "Australia Light" onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure, and cause I'm pretty damn proud of my first effort of producing a time lapse. I've got plans for another one at a location in the rainforest in a few days time with a special song that has a lot of meaning to me.

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Fiona Davis said...

This is fantastic Tiff, sounds and looks like you are having a great trip