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Sunday, February 19, 2012

great ocean road trip 19.2.12

I had a whoopsie with the alarm clock this morning....... but in a good way. I had set it for 4.15am instead of 4.45am..... like I said, a whoopsie. I did use the extra half an hour to get stuck into yesterday's photos and add to the blog.

Everyone was up bright and keen for sunrise at the 12 Apostles this morning. And it was a good show.
David Hobbis Iphone photography (I'd forgotten to take mine lol)

And then it rained bring a swift halt to the sunrise session. I'm am super glad I bought a weather cover for the camera before I left for the USA trip, as it was used this morning for the first time.

Jaime is lots of fun and we are always taking the mickey out of each other!!!!!

Back to Port Campbell for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and ice coffee (breakfast of champions).

First port of call was to eyeball Childer's Cove to see what the potential sky was doing,

before making our way to London Bridge. This was an arch that collapsed in 1990, leaving 2 people marooned on the now isolated landmass. A helicopter was arranged to winch them off.

After London Bridge we grabbed lunch nibbles to eat later and made our way to Sandy Cove. What a little piece of heaven this remote spot is. Its a small hike to get there but the results in camera were so worth it. I got a little adventurous and was in the rolling surf up to my tummy to get the shots I wanted.

 My motto is not to care if clothes get wet, they'll wash. So I shucked the camera, the watch and ran with Jamie to dive into a way. She didn't lol. It was exhilarating!!

I was cooled off nicely and had dried enough in time to put the backpack on and make my way back up the long beach and sand dunes to get to the bus. By this time, I was plenty warm and the jeans were plenty uncomfortable.

The older members were quite knocked out after this warm and tiring part of the day, and with the sky clearing to a clear boring blue, it was decided to head back to the hotel rooms for a late afternoon shower and a two hour break for those who needed a recharging nana nap. I gathered enough clothes from all our group to make a decent load in the washing machine and had time to get them through the drier. I tried Skping home (they were out) and washed my hair. I also finished off all of yesterday's shots, posted a few on Facebook and tagged them.

We headed out for an early tea before sunset, which didn't look very likely. An inverse temp found a fog rolling in from over land on one side, and a thick cloud bank on the other. As sunset can be shot from the same spot as sunrise at the 12 Apostles, we headed there. Pete and Jaime headed down the steep and many Gibson's steps to get to beach level for their shots. Seeing that sunset was most unlikely, the rest of didn't think the effort of those steps coming back up was worth it. As it turned out, sunset was a fizzer and I didn't even get my camera out.

Upon return back to our rooms, everyone's pretty thrilled with the day because the sky was really going off, and pretty weary from the early start and the slog in the sand.

I'll just finish this and head to bed too. 10.15am Vic time. (damn early for me!!!)

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