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Saturday, February 25, 2012

great ocean road trip - 25.2.12

Today was forecasted to be a filthy hot day for Apollo Bay. 37 degrees is a very hot day for this area. Even the locals were wiped out by it. 

It was decided from dinner the night before to have a day off. To shoot waterfalls in the rainforest area, we need overcast, flat light conditions for less contrast not the bright blue cloudless sky that was forecasted

We all had a leisurely breakfast and surprised Pete with a birthday cake for his birthday. We all knew about it days ago and had organised a cake and card for him. I took video on the iphone and others took shots on their camera. He even had a tear because of us thinking of him……. Awwwwww.

V and I had done our research the night before on line to see what the attractions are around Apollo Bay and we both decided on giving Hang Gliding a shot. I rang to enquire about it a couple of times before I found out from the Visitor Info Centre that it’s not a going concern anymore. Bumma. We were so keen.

The Fly Wire was considered along with the Tree Top walk at The Otway Ranges, but seeing it was so hot, a 50 min drive to get there and a 2.5 hour round trip to do the attractions, that idea was binned too. Instead we all decided to hide in our cabins and sit in front of the aircon.

All except Maur. She’s very nearly the eldest one on the trip and she took off back to Mait’s Rest. She’s from Melbourne and drove up to meet us at Pt Campbell, so she had her own wheels when she wasn’t on the bus.  I take my hat off to her. She was the only one who got off her butt and did photographing this morning.

Dave, Verdell and Jaime wandered down to the beach for a morning dip. I stayed in front of the aircon, as I’m still finding I’m adjusting to heat after shooting in Minus 2 conditions at the Grand Canyon. I get to be a sweaty mess with anything over 25 degrees atm. So while they were dipping, I loaded up the Australia time lapse onto YouTube, blogged the details for a couple of days and worked some shots. I skyped the kids as well.

Maur was back with us for a late lunch at The Bakery which was uncomfortably warm. We decided as a group to head to the beach after lunch to cool off and chill out. Even Maur, who finds uneven terrain challenging, got onto the beach and sat in the water. Monica (our eldest GrownUp) was out with us, bracing against the big waves.

The view to the beach from the front door of the cabin.

I did see a young girl (10 or 11 I think) who was on her boogie board, lose it in a set of big waves and the ankle strap snapped. Her board made it to shore but she was caught in the big set. Dave and I made our way towards her in case she got into trouble as she was being dumped on a fair bit, but she handled herself well. Even her Dad, who was on the beach, got in the water to come out to her. She was fine, but it did scare me a little thinking what if that girl was Annie.

The water was so refreshing being a such a hot day. Pete had his GoPro in hand catching some of the big wave action on video by letting them crash over him. But and unfortunaltely the camera was knocked out of his hand after a bigger wave dumped on him. We were all scouring the area in thigh deep water and beach combed the sand on shore to find it with no luck. Not sure if it would suck out to sea with the undertow or end up on a beach somewhere. Someone might score themselves a GoPro if the watertight housing doesn’t crack. Bit of bad luck for Pete to loose it, let alone on his birthday.

After a shower and a relaxing rest of the afternoon, we had a lovely tea at the local pub which was recommend as the best place to go for good food at reasonable prices.

Dave wandered over to V and my cabin to work on his pics for a few hours. I cranked up a playlist from my itunes and we had a belly of laughs.

Good day to have a day off

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