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Friday, February 17, 2012

great ocean road trip 17.2.12

I am incredibly fortunate to another photographic trip away so soon after my trip to LA and the Grand Canyon jaunt. I am so grateful to Kym and the kids when we sat down some months ago to see if everything we both wanted to do in the first part of this year was achievable. With a little bit of juggling we both can do all the things that have come our way.

I had this trip to the Great Ocean Road in the pipeline for months when the chance to go to LA and Grand Canyon came up. I do appreciate how incredibly lucky I am to be able to do two trips back to back. And believe me, I will have a short chain to the sink for the rest of the year  ;-p  (lucky I know where that padlock key is for a couple of scrapbooking weekends away)

Late this evening I headed to Lincoln

to hand over some photos to Ann for Camera Club that's on while I'm away. I also stashed the Hilux with a friend in Lincoln and my Grandfather drove me out to the airport.

Touched down in Adelaide without incident and made my way to my sister-in-laws home for a refreshing white wine. We both walked the 5 mins to my other sister-in-law's home so I could try on some frames for my new specs. I had the opticians script faxed to my brother in law who has a 'Just Spectacles' business and he brought home a bunch of frames to try as I couldn't get to the business during work hours.

Walked back, chatted a lot before heading to bed. Only a fitful sleep so I'm up and blogging this while I have a chance.

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