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Friday, February 24, 2012

great ocean road trip - 24.2.12

After yesterday’s ribbing of not getting up for that sunrise, a full bus minus one headed out. A few went to the lookout and a few headed down to Gibson’s steps to crack that sunrise shot. The sky was clear of cloud which showed the light beams streaking across the cliff top and onto the Apostles.

I waited quite some time to crack the shot of all the Apostles (the ones left that is) to be lit by the morning sun. The last little one on the bottom right of frame took forever to show in the light, and I had to go before it was fully out, (bus was waiting with the rest of the crew on board) but it was mostly out and that’s cool.

We had to check out this morning so all bags were on the bus before our brunch at The Alcove. From there we had what was going to be a quick stop at Sherwin Estuary to shoot some video of Dave, Jaime and I jumping over sand dunes.

V had her camera out working the motor drive overtime and she caught some absolutely cracker shots!!

posted with permission

Jamie and I ended up in a water fight in the sea that had quite large waves and a strong undertow. Just to stay on our feet was tough let alone a muck around water fight for the video camera. But much fun was had.

It was a bit disconcerting getting totally changed in the scrub with the rest of the crew within earshot, and with the sound of an approaching chopper!!!  All was good tho.

After a meandering drive through the hills, we had a quick stop at Lavr’s Hill before arriving at Mait’s Rest. This is the first of the rainforest country that we are here for the next few days.

It was time to pull out the macro lens and the extension tubes to play with. You can’t rush macro. Setting up takes time, manipulating the tripod, and precise focusing is critical. It might take half an hour to get one shot off. There is a whole miniature world if you look hard enough.

the lush tropical forests

fan shapped fungi, about 5cms across.

the very tip of a branch of a fern tree. About 1cm in length

tiny little plant on a rotting tree branch. About 1 cm tall.

fungi on the forest floor. About 1cm tall. Should have taken a pull back shot of how I had the tripod splayed out to get it on the ground.

close up of the same little toadstool.

I’m really pleased with what I had captured.

We made it into Apollo Bay just before 6pm, with just enough time to check into reception before it closed for the day and pick up spare linen as only one bed was made up in each cabin. I’m shacking up with V, Dave and Brenton are in another, the Grownups (Maur and Monica) are sharing one and Jaime has one to herself. We have waterfront row with the beach only 100m away down a grassy slope and across the road. Pete is a couple of rows back and on the other side of the park.

The local IGA has amazing long hours here. Opens at 8am and closes at 9pm, and man are they were busy at 7pm when we all called in. The whole town is busy. It’s a struggle to find a carpark in the front street. Lots of eating houses with plenty of choices of type of tucker and the price tags vary a fair bit too.

I asked a local in the IGA were is a good spot to eat for tea, and it’s the Apollo Bay Pub/Bistro. They sure were busy too, but we were served in a very timely manner and the meals were good.

By the time we got back to the Cabins in the Caravan Park (it’s a little way away from the main street) just about everyone was puffed out. Esp those who went Sand Dune jumping and also did the Gibson’s steps in the morning. I took the laptop down to Dave and Brenton’s cabin and spent some time with them to give V a bit of space while showering etc.

Hit bed around 11pm.

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