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Thursday, February 23, 2012

great ocean road trip - 23.2.12

This morning was forecasted for fog which had the potential for some amazing shots of it rolling over and down the cliffs and into the sea, or just be crap and cold. I chose to sleep in and I’m kicking myself. About twice a year the temperature inversion pushes the fog over the cliffs and into the sea and this morning was one of those times. Only Brenton, Dave and Pete were up to get it. And got it they did!!!!!! I’m green with envy!! And the rest of us were ribbed ALL DAY!!!!!!

 (posted with permission)

After a late breakfast we headed to Sandy Cove that had 3 pillars that photographed well from the cliff top from a variety of angles. This area is right behind the Australia rock that I shot the time lapse from the night before.

We walked further along the cost to reveal Australia, took a few shots and moved on to Murnane Cove. Such a peaceful and pristine little hideaway!!

A quick tea stop and we changed tact for sunset. Some of us went to The Arch, some stayed in the harbour of Port Campbell and one went to The Apostles lookout. Pete was the taxi and did well to get everyone on spot in time.

Dave, Verdell, Brenton and I were at The Arch and the shadow of the cliff we were on slowly rose up the opposing cliff were The Arch was. I’m really glad I took the 300mm lens on the 50D to get the reach across the water to get in close to The Arch, the crashing waves and to cut out the creeping shadow.

An executive decision was made and we power walked the 300m on the road to get to London Bridge with enough light left to get a shot or two off. When we were done, packed up and in the car park waiting for Pete, we played ‘I spy’ in the dark. That sure was funny.

When we were all back in Port Campbell, Dave fixed up my issue with the Card Reader and I created a watermark for his images for the www.

I worked a few shots and headed to bed about 12.15a. 


Anonymous said...

Mmmm I too would be green with envy. Loving your photo's and stories Tiff, TFS Michelle

SueP said...

Arn't you just having one hellofa time??!! You're getting some unreal shots, a part of Australia that is a photographers dream!! Loving it!!