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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Los Angeles 1.2.12

The last day of CHA. And it was nice to not have to set the alarm clock to get up early for a seminar or class. Woke up bang on 9am. With the very full days and getting to bed around midnightish most nights, I've been sleeping really well, except the night that I drank 3 mouthfuls of Mocha Frappachino before I went to bed. That was a fatal mistake.

Danny and Lee-anne had a full day for confirming orders and checking out yet still more new product for the Scrap Therapy shop.  There is so much to come into the shop, that' its gonna be an online frenzy when Lee-anne announces it's on the floor ready to go.

I did a last little load of washing before I headed out to CHA. My goal for the day was to revisit Teresa Collins and ask her nicely if she'd resign the Signature release of Scrapbook Trends. I picked up a permanent marker from Marvy on my way round instead of using the ratshit Sharpie marker.

She recognised me straight away :OD   and said in her best aussie "g'day"... what a crack up. And her eyes light up at the sight of the Tim Tams I offered her. When I asked her about resigning the book, she was a bit upset that no one had mentioned the problem before, seeing that all the books she's signed was with the Sharpie Pen. So all of them would be marked and etched too. I asked her to keep the Marvy Pen for anyone else's books. And she was kind enough to have another photo done with me with the Canon. That started another conversation about cameras and more talk of the Grand Canyon.  I'm impressed she remembered so much considering just how many people would have spoken with her in the four days of CHA. She's certainly got a fan for life!!!!!    She's A-SUM!!!

I wandered around taking lots of photos of LO's that I liked, products that caught my eye to have a yarn with Lee-Anne and Danny about and soaked up the atmosphere.

Today is the day of product giveaways and some women go absolutely nuts with no shame what so ever, crawling for product. I was also dumbfounded that in one the classes I took the day before, a number of scrappers didn't have a trimmer to use, so that company sourced half a dozen from a different company on the floor with the privso that they to be returned. 4 of the 6 trimmers walked. These are retailers and designers that are stealing product. What if a customer stole from them. Wouldn't they scream blue bloody murder, so what gives them the right to do the exact same thing and think its ok to do so. Like I said, I was disgusted.

There was a general murmur from the booth owners about how many people who were there that weren't retailers or distributors. CHA had allowed Scrapbooking blog owners in the door this year to bolster the numbers and so many of these people just freeloaded themselves with product giveaways and wasted much time with salespeople, when they had no intention whatsoever of buying it in the first place.

CHA finished at 2pm today to give booths time to packup and ship stock out. I sat in a cafe area out of the way and watched just how quickly the exhibition was dismantled. I haven't mentioned how the different craft areas were defined by a different colour of carpet in the aisles. The scrapping section was red carpet. And that red carpet was pulled up and rolled up out the way in no time flat to allow for the mini forklifts to come in with pallets to be loaded up.

On my way back to the Ramada I stopped to take a shot of the newspaper dispensers that I've seen in the movies, and the price of 'gas' for for record's sake.

When we all got back to our motel room I had to do a bit of a clean out of stuff that I wanted to post home. My luggage was borderline maximum weight before I arrived and I was definitely over it now. So I packed up a couple of bags with gifts for the kids, keepsakes that I've bought or collected for scrapbooking, and a few other odds and ends to post home. After finding out just how far away the Post Office was we caught a bus which dropped us right outside the PO. And $112 US later I have 8 kilos on its way home. Cheaper than paying excess luggage on 2 flights to Grand Canyon, 2 flights from Grand Canyon back to LA, and 3 flights to get home.

What a saga it turned out to be to get a bus back to the hotel room. Basically there wasn't a stop to be found and we walked about 3 kms back to near the hotel. It was late, cold and dark and Bubba's Shrimp and Grill was right in front of us, so we had tea there again. Then we found a bus stop with the bus that would take us back to the Ramada. The other bus that we went on originally was a ring route bus (now that we know that lol)

Showered, blogged. bed.

nitey nite.

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