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Saturday, February 18, 2012

great ocean road trip - 18.2.12

Didn't sleep all that well overnight. I was feeling rather hot and unsettled. So at 2.30am I got up and fired up the laptop to get some images done from my LA trip. I blogged my daily journal for the 17.2.12 and got some little details tided up.

Sharon dropped me off at 8.30am at the Airport Motel to meet Pete and the crew of 6 other shutterbugs. We have one more joining us in Port Campbell in the evening.

Dave is on this trip. (far left with his thumb up) He's the fella that was with Pete and I on Pete's March 2011 KI trip. And I shot with Dave Easter time last year as well. It's great to catch up with Dave, toss him his extra strong ice coffee and talk about his new family addition (a little boy 4 months old).





There's a couple of others that I haven't taken in action yet  :O)
All 7 of us bonded as a team really quickly and were in loud fits of laughter so often.

Pete trusting his handy Tom Tom GPS took us the scenic way to Port Campbell via Warrambool . On the way we stopped on the border for a quick group shot that didn't quite work (I've my back turned running to the group)

and not long we saw this fantastic tree with a clear horizon behind it and the skies to really show it off

After travelling through some pretty gorgeous country (lots and lots of cattle here, mostly steers) and fields and fields of corn/maize we stopped for a shot at the very southern tip of the Grampians.

The day was warm and I'm still adjusting to Aussie temps again, and I was starting to feel rather hot and wilted.

We got to Warrambool a little later than expected due to the stops and had a quick muck around in the huge playground. What a kid heaven, and I just had to release the inner child for a bit.

Images posted with permission

We had tea here at Warrambool (and by now I was feeling very hot in the pub for tea) and the couple of Coopers beers didn't even touch the sides.

A short drive later and here we are at Port Campbell which is base camp for the next 6 days. I quickly took some shots of the room before I unpacked too much. Its a very spacious room to spread out in.

Off to bed. Alarm clock set for 4.45am in the morning!!!

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