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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

golf????? hell yeah!!!!

Who me??? Who knew??

Never thought I'd ever pick up a golf stick and swing it with any seriousness. But that's exactly what I am doing this golf season.

I've had a couple of ladies gently working on me for a little while to give it a shot. And when the mention of a golf lesson was available on Monday just gone, I thought, well.... why not?????  As well as there are a number of us all starting off as brand new newbies. All different ages too.

So the coaching lesson went well (I think). I've signed up for his return lesson when he's next over from  Adelaide.

Today was the opening day for the ladies. And it was an Ambrose comp, which is a lot of fun. I was teamed up with 3 other players and most teams had a newbie with them as well.

Names where in by 9.30 and a champagne to toast the season (settle my nerves more like).

The welcome from the ladies out there was just a little overwhelming. So very geniune and they are so keen to see youngies (hahahaa) give it a go.

10.30 and we were away.

I was in a team with Kathy M, Joan N and Liz B. Couldn't have hoped for a better crew. Lots of laughs, I only had one airie and only one cuss word said under my breath (when I had the airie lol).  It was a warm day(29 degrees) hence why I wore the light cotton long sleeve shirt for sun protection. I wear this shirt when I'm shooting out in the sun too.

By 2.30 we were back in the clubhouse after 12 holes. I thought I would feel buggered and hot as hell. Not the case at all. Perhaps all the time at Gym is starting to pay off????  And there was a gentle breeze that took the edge off the sun.

As it turned out, we had 50 off the stick, which was only 4 over the card for the particular holes we played. We came equal first as far as that goes. With the handicap of each player taken into account, we came second over all. I was a bit shocked to be honest. And chuffed too.

It has also made me believe that maybe I can play this mad game of chasing a white ball, that occasionally has a mind of its own, without making a dick of myself.

So Wednesdays (other than school holidays) are my golf day. Looking forward to it a lot

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