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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

saucy saturday (pictorial post)

Sauces lined up ready for judging.

I absolutely loved the original trophies

out of the three sections Sean and Kym entered, they placed second in two of them. No feminine hand was allowed in the production of the sauces. (gotta love that!). The other second prize was in the 'Tradional Sauce' section.

Samples lined up for the tasting in the 'People's Choice' section

some of the many displays on the tables.

one of the 'labels' that caught the judges eye.

Sean and Kym's successful entries.

I saw the light coming in thru the chilli sauce bottle on this table. With permission I rearranged a few of the samples to photograph them. All produce home made and for sale via Bernie Page. I can really recommend them. I have a few at home and they are yum.

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