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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


......and the angst continues......

The wrong request was made for the xray of her foot on Saturday. As per the paperwork she had her ankle done, not her foot. What a total waste of time and effort for her and for us. I'm so cross.

So by the time we managed to get into the Doctor on Monday we were told to go down to Lincoln yet again for another xray, this time on her foot, as should have been requested in the first place. And as we were not able to get an appointment on Monday we had to wait till Tuesday.

Soooooo....... Tuesday comes round and off we head again. And finally we have an answer. Yes she has a fracture.

 But as we didn't get the answer till later Tuesday afternoon, we were asked to come into outpatients at the local hospital Wednesday morning to get the plaster.

I count far too many days from injury to actually getting something constructive done about it. From 10.30am Saturday to 9am Wednesday. No wonder I'm damn cross about it.

All thru this time, we have iced it regularly, had it strapped and absolutely no weight bearing on it at all.

She's to start walking on the plaster tomorrow and get off the crutches as soon as she can. The idea of the cast is to support the foot for about a week and then it comes off. She's not to play any sport for 4 weeks or so depending on physio and recovery.

So really she's getting of it all fairly lightly. She gets the glory of having a cast without being stuck with it for too long. She's been such a trooper about it all.

We bought a special texta for us to sign it and she carries it with her for her friends to sign it.

I'm thinking about trying out some mist splats on it hahahahahaha.

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