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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Annie's first match of E grade netball today.

And before the first quarter had finished we were off the court with suspected ligaments damage or fracture on the outer side of her left foot.

We iced every 20 mins and then let it rest for 20 mins, then back in the ice again. By the end of the game it was reasonably swollen and bruised on the outer edge of the foot where a bone is. So we were advised to head to the hospital for an xray as a precaution.

After getting the xray referral paperwork from the hospital here, we were off to Lincoln Hospital for the xray. For those not know the geography here that's an hour and forty minute round trip.

The xray went fine, but the hospital staff refused to bandage her or even offer crutches. I was so cross. They just kept saying go back to the Cummins hospital and they will do it. What the?????  She need strapping and she needed crutches as she was to absolutely not weight bear on it at all,  and we were refused on both counts. Up until this point I had piggy backed her off the court to the car, from the car into Cummins Hospital and back into the car. From the car again into the Lincoln Hospital  into the xray room, out of the xray room into the waiting area, from the waiting area back into the car. From the car once again into the Cummins hospital for the strapping and getting the crutches. What if she was heavy, or I had a weak back? What then?  Gosh I was just steaming mad.

And to top it off, we won't get the xray results until Monday at the earliest. Again I'm cross. What if it is a fracture??  She has to wait for a doctors appt Monday (if we can get in) before it's correctly addressed. Plaster? Or more strapping? Until then she has to grin and bear it.

It's bloody not good enough.  :(

She's been a real champ, not a tear or a drama at all. She's on Nurofen so that's taken the edge off for her. (she's currently scoring the ouch factor as a 2/10.) She's Tuff Stuff.

I've been particularly impressed with Sean. He's been with us for the whole day and he helped carry her book, my handbag or camera bag or xrays. He's held every door open for her and just been wonderfully caring. All without any encouragement from me. He just wants to help and do his daily good deeds that I've been instilling in the kids. Man, did his good deeds came up trumps today!! So I told him when I tucked him in bed tonight just how proud of him and his wanting to help and being so good with her. He gave me an extra big hug and whispered his thanks in my ear. Gosh, he just melts me.

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