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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hi-5 Birthday for 4 year old Annie

I had to photograph this double layout as it was a bit too lumpy to scan well. Too many shadows. Journaling says :

what a 4th birthday party you had. we invited heaps of your friends ( mum doesn’t remember exactly how many - probably nearly 20)around to the kindergym hall. Rayleen Foster (kindergym leader) was amazing. she had set up the hall with the kindergym equipment and stayed on to supervise. lucky you. mum brought Spike in for pony rides. everyone brought their bike helmet with them to ride him. Trish Stevens was lovely enough to take care of the riding department. dad cooked up a mess of snags for tea on the bbq. Paige organized 3 others (her brother Tom, Gaby Arancelovic and Scott Edmonds) to be the HI-5 dance group. they had been rehearsing the words and dance moves for weeks. they did a 20 min bracket. they were fantastic. they were actually asked if they wanted a gig at a swimming pool function. how cool is that. mum organized a HI 5 hand for your birthday cake. it was very yummy. there was none of that left. totally awesome party.22.9.06

The Hi 5 theme idea was Paige's. Thanks chick. You did all the hard work. I just held the video camera. I actually didn't get any shots with my camera. All these photos have come from other Mums there. Thank goodness.


sandra said...

great layout!
Would you believe I haven't done ANY birthday layouts yet??
Will have to get started won't I?

ps that cake looks familiar ;)

pss I think you are very very lucky to have such a great friend like Paige... they come along very rarely..

Skye M J said...

Lovely Blog - It may only be new but it's a joy to read!
Great scrapping too!