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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am a bit ticked. We had a tenant leave our Tumby Rental Property and I did the final inspection with her. There were what I thought just a couple of small things to fix up. No big deal.

Then when Kym went over today to do some small maintenance jobs, he came across things that I hadn't picked up on. Like 2 window screens totally missing of the windows. She told me of one that she said was never there and as I didn't recall if it was there or not, I could not dispute it. Well today Kym found both of them around the side of the house. She lied to me.They were both ruined and it looks like she had put them there. Another screen was wrecked and I talked with her about that at the inspection. It was agreed that she would have it repaired at her cost. She has left the house unlocked since then (a week) for the tradesman to do it. He hasn't been and the house has been left unsecured. GRRRRRRRR. And just to top it off, Kym also found one the security screen doors totally removed and the wire on that wrecked. That was also tucked away.

Christ this makes me angry. I have been lied to and deceived. I do not tolerate this very well at all.

Deep breath.

On a lighter note I finished this layout last night. Love it.

Journalling says : 20.9.2006. How lucky you are to have a friend like Paige. She just loves coming across to stay (she actually asks to come, not us asking her). Her love for you both is very real and she will always be there for both of you. We love her so much.

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