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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Published

WOW. My first one. The anticipation was fantastic. I was texting my local PO for the last week or so to see if it was in (Scrapbook Memories). I even had a false alarm (wrong mag) but I still ran it for it before I knew it was the wrong one. I had Janice play with my camera (SLR) which is different to her digital camera so we could catch some 'action' shots.

Well I finally had a txt saying "it's here, it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Luckily I was dressed and ready to go out for the day so I didn't have to shock em in the PO with my PJ's and tweety bird slippers.
Vol 10 Number 3.

Annie helped me peel off the wrapper and we found the page in a jiffy.
It was worth the wait. There it was, my LO and my name in print. I am officially published.
Like I said WOW.

More surprises were store. Amanda wrote an article as part of her Master's obligations and she based it on hybrid scrapping. Stuff me, Cry was the LO used as her example. Its a pic of Sean with tears welling up but not yet spilt.
And another surprise. Amanda, Meredith and I grabbed a quick photo session with the kids a while back and Amanda had used one of me and the kids on another LO. The rascal. She didn't tell about this one. Wonderful surprise.
Journaling says ' you find such delight in your children. It is a beautiful thing to see and a great privilege to be your friend and share that joy.'

I bloody near had a tear and I did have a lump in my throat. As soon as I saw it I had to ring her and tell her she's a rascal......the best sort. Thanks A ;)

So how lucky am I. One LO from me and 2 about me and the kids by a close friend in the same mag.

Talk about value adding.


amanda said...

LOL you duffa. Glad your page turned out so snazzy in the mag - looks fabulous!!

I was trying so hard to keep that other page a secret....very tricky i must say!

Glad you liked it :)

maryanne said...

YAY!!!got my mag too tiff and looked for you straight away!well done,it did look great and also the work of amandas was awesome, shes fantastic.

SueP said...

Well Done Tiff!! Your page is great!! Got the mag from newsagent on Friday, showed all the family around the table on Sunday - all these local yokels getting published!! FANTASTIC!

Cassandra said...

Wow I've had shivers of excitement going down my back. Want to go and get the mag myself now, have to wait till Wednesday. Thankyou for blogging it though. Congratulations Tiff on your first well deserved glad they snapped you up.
Didn't realise Amanda had taken these photos either beautiful stuff.
Well done Cassandra.

sandra said...

woohoo Tiff!
Congratulations. I knew you were in the mag... so I was checking at the newsagent every day!
Fantastic layout!
and congrats to Amanda as well.
Love the layout of you and the kids... great Magazine!
It was the Tiff and Amanda fest!
onya girls!

Meredith said...

LOL at Sandra ... the Tiff & Amanda fest - so true!! Great pages all round and what a thrill to have that beautiful photo of you and your babies in Tiff. Can't wait to see the next published piece, challenge, hey!!!

:) Tiff said...

Thanks Girls. Have had a couple of glasses to celebrate. Cant wait for next month for Meredith's hobby (hint hint)
mwah. Thanks for all your support. It means a lot to me.

sandra said...

ok I'm intrigued! merediths hobby?
hmmm... can't wait til next month!!

BeckBT said...

Congratulations, I just found your blog through SBM... I too aspire to be published, and I can just imagine how excited you were. It is so nice to hear of some of the excitement 'behind the scenes'

Congrats again, love ya work!

:) Tiff said...

thanks beckbt. Wots your SM forum name. Will check u out. Was on it when your comment came thru. Ironic hey.

BeckBT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BeckBT said...

sorry mucked that up huh! my blog is


I am now a member of the forum, just waiting on activation....

Lisa said...

Hi Tiff, Love the Basinette page - just awesome!! Looks like there are a few EP ladies on the SM Forum now - great!! Do u have a regular scrap night or anything in place?? Oh, we are at Wudinna.