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Monday, June 23, 2008


The basic layout of this one was from a sketch in my Scrapper's Block Buster notebook. Any sketches I see on line I copy and paste in Publisher and resize down to fit my little book. I was having scrappers block and lots of repetition of the same thing. I found sketches on www.littlescrapbookshop.com.au and also www.pagemaps.com
The last site is fantastic. You can subscribe to it's monthly newsletters and behold new sketches are there for you without any effort to find them. Tooooo easy.
No reason not to start a page with their ideas and then it will usually change as you put it together to make it your own.
In case you hadn't noticed (ha ha) I have used lots of the 7Gypsies journalling tags lately.
I scan it into Photoshop, text box, journal and play with the size and move the text around to fit the tags perfectly. I also usually also scan in some element on the page that I want to use as the colour of the text. I then use the eyedropper tool to pull the colour and then the text is that colour. Saves guessing the right shade and co-ordinates perfectly. Print a copy and use it as your template to place the tag. Click on the eye on the layers palette to remove the background to leave only your text showing and print the template with the tag on it again. Just the text will print this time. I just about never use publisher or word any more.


Cassandra said...

Love this one to Tiff, think I have these papers. Journalling cards are great to, wish I was as clever as you.
Think I'll have to get Photoshop.

maryanne said...

hi tiff, have just ordered a heap of journalling tags, and might just have to try some of these ideas.Should be using my photoshop more, but find I get a bit frustrated at times and ends up taking me longer than it should have and just cant be bothered in the end.