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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Butterfly Award.

My forum and blog mate Nat has sent me a butterfly award.

Thank you so much Nat. It means a lot to me.

Part of the requirements is to send it on to 5 blogs that I admire. Nat has also sent one to Meredith and Amanda, so bugga, there goes 2 of my choices.

Thanks again Nat.
hmmm 5 blogs.
Well Maryanne would have to be one.
Leanne Stamatellos would also be one.
Angela must get one too.
Lisa is due for one.
And Sonia deserves one.
and two more because they have to have one too.
Rita of Coffeeshop Free PS/PSE Actions. This is one hell of a site. visit her. Its a must for PS users.
so congrats girls. U are my choices.

1 comment:

maryanne r said...

hi tiff, very flattered,thanks for that.