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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Im home

hiya all.
have got home today from a whirlwind week.

left here about 9.30a Sat morn. shopped at Spotlight in Whyalla. Dropped in to my brother's new home in Port Augusta to drop off 3 boxes of clothes for their little princess that Annie grew out of ages ago. Have been saving them especially for B. Left 2 bags of wheat screenings for Brett's MIL. He should be in the good books for a while.

Drove on and stayed at Crystal Brook with my Grandmother in her home. Still spry and so with it at 88. Left after morning coffee and went to Black Point on YP to drop off Annie for the night. Kym's Mum had a shack (errrr) house, there on the beach with his sister and her 2 girls 8 shacks down the beach. So I knew Annie would have a blast with them.

Made our way from there with Sean in tow after lunch to Adelaide. Checked in at the CWA accommodation on the park lands. What a beautiful grand house so well maintained. Had tea with G and K. G is a mate from Kym's childhood. Great couple and beaut kids.

Monday morning saw us at the Womens and Childrens Hospital with our early appointments.
More blood tests and skin pricks.

I am sooooo happy to say that out of the 20 odds skin pricks he has had (and hated it) we have only had one slight reaction. So with fingers crossed I hope Sean is not as severe an asthmatic as I thought he may have been. (no attacks during harvest on the farm either. so glad of that).

Went to visit Nat IRL at Simply Scrapping in Colonial Light Gardens . What a fantastic lady. She is exactly how I thought she would be. Right done to the voice. I am so grateful that Kym drove my down there to meet her as I don't drive Adelaide. (claustrophobic).

Back to Black Point for the next couple of days. Great to be out of the car.

Christmas Eve saw Annie and her two Cousins sing an impromptu concert of Carols for us. Even the shack next door gave their applause. So proud of Annie. She sang solos while the other two sang duets.

Christmas morning at BlackPoint then to Maitland for late arvo lunch. Lots of photos. I need to sort through, errrr 300 odd, before I post any.

Packed up boxing day and stayed at Port Augusta with brother Brett and Sonnie. Kids had a ball in the spa and playing together.

got home late this arvo. went through spotlight again today as it was 20% today only. I wish I knew of it before I visited there on my way over. Should have guessed something like it I spose.
I got myself a threading water fiskars punch for $15. cant go wrong with that.

home and invited to tea at our neighbours home. So fantastic of them to think of us as there is nothing in the fridge save a litre of milk I bought on the way home for breakfast.

so there it is in a nut shell without the pics.
will post some when i dump them off the camera and go through them.

hope you all had a great festive time of it all.

we are back for a week before we head off again for our summer pilgrimage to Tumby Bay for a couple of weeks. Complete with the horse in tow (LOL)



Meredith Treloar said...

Sounds like you need a rest Tiff!! Hope that your break at Tumby is relaxing!

Anonymous said...

wow tiff, i feel exhausted just reading all that! I thought chrissy was supposed to be relaxing, LOL! glad to hear you had a lovely time, thst Sean's allergy tests were positive and hope you have a wonderful break away in TB :)

i am hoping to meet Nat mid Jan when I come to Adleaide!